The Storvretacupen – the world’s largest floorball tournament!

Last year 750 teams played in the Storvretacupen and the aim is for even more teams to sign up. With the goal of 1000 teams by 2020, they are hoping for a hike in participants this year.

− We have had a pretty steady rise in participating team and are working hard to keep the teams coming! Says communicator Adam Troy.

Last years saw teams from Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Belarussia, the Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Belgium and more participate in the tournament that takes place around Christmas and after the New Year every year.

The tournament is open to all age groups including adults and is centered in Fyrishov’s six courts as well as IFU Arena’s five courts. Many teams stay at schools around town but have no problem getting around as the tournament has its very own busses that goes between the living areas and the arenas.

Recently the Storvretacupen visited the UK Youth Nationals in Chestenham.
− It was a great event! Lots of teams and a great atmosphere. We had the Farnhem Fireballs over last year and we hope for more teams coming years but we are patient as we know it is a big undertaking for any UK-team, Adam Troy concludes.

Read more about the Storvretacup on their website here. You can also find an interview from the UK Youth Nationals on their website.

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