The biggest floorball events around the world in 2017

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Here are some of the biggest events in floorball that lies ahead in 2017. Anything missing? Let us know in the comments!

January 31st – February 5th:
Women’s 2017 WFC Qualifiers (Wellington – New Zealand, Madrid – Spain, Celano – Italy, Markham – Canada)
This years qualifiers for the women’s world championship (Bratislava, Slovakia) will be held in 4 different countries. 16 teams will qualify for the WFC, which is played in December.

April 17th
Czech Republic’s Playoffs Finals (Prague, Czech Republic)
A packed floorball day with 4 top tier games (boys, girls, men & women) in the O2 Arena, which has the spectator capacity of 17 000 cheering Czechs – an event you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

April 22nd:
Swiss Playoffs Finals (Zürich, Switzerland)
Similarly to the other super finals in the top 4 nations, both women’s and men’s finals are being played directly after each other. The event will take place in the SWISS Arena, which has the capacity of 7 600.

April 22nd:
Swedish Playoffs Finals (Stockholm, Sweden)
After last year’s final in Tele2 arena, this final will once again be held in the Ericsson Globe, one of the larger arenas in Stockholm, with the spectator capacity of 16 000. The men’s and women’s final are played back to back.

April 22nd:
Finnish Playoffs Finals (Helsinki, Finland)
On the same day as the Swedish and Swiss playoffs final, the Finnish one is held too. Played in Hartwall arena (13 000 capacity), a great experience for the spectators is guaranteed.

May 3rd-7th:
Men’s U19 WFC (Växjö, Sweden)
When the previous men’s U19 world championship was held in Helsingborg, Sweden, the home nation ended up in the 4th place. It was instead Finland who would win, after defeating Switzerland convincingly in the final. This year the Swedes get another chance at their home soil – will they reclaim the trophy?

July 20th-30th
World Games (Wroclaw, Poland)
For the first time in history floorball will be a part of the World Games. 6 countries will participate – Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland and USA (men).

August 10th-13th
Czech Open (Prague, Czech Republic)
One of the largest international pre-season tournament, with elite teams from several different countries participating. Last year it was Swedish Pixbo Wallenstam who won the women’s tournament, and Finnish Erä-Viikingit took the gold medal on the men’s side.

August 23rd-27th
EuroFloorball Challenge (Undecided)
A club tournament for teams that are outside the Eurofloorball Cup, as well as the Champions Cup. The winners qualify for the Eurofloorball Cup, which will be held 2 months later. 2016’s edition of the tournament had both women’s and men’s teams from France, Hungary, Spain and Italy.

October 6th-8th
Champions Cup (Seinäjoki, Finland)
The top clubs from several different countries battle each other for the title as best team in Europe. Last year’s Champions Cup was held in Borås, Sweden. Current title holders and Storvreta IBK (men) and Pixbo Wallenstam (women)

October 11-15th
Eurofloorball Cup (Undecided)
An international tier 2 tournament for teams under the Champions Cup, but above the Eurofloorball Challenge. The winner gets to compete against the very best teams in the following years Champions Cup.

1st-9th December
Women’s World Floorball Championships (Bratislava, Slovakia)
The 11th edition of the WFC will for the first time be held in Slovakia. Last time in 2015 when it was held in Finland, Sweden defeated the host nation in a thrilling game that went all the way to sudden death penalties.


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