The Big Michal Dudovic Interview – Part 2: Wiler-Ersigen, the Slovakian national team and the future

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Few young talented floorball players have had more minutes on the international floorball field than Slovakian forward Michal Dudovic. He made his debut on the Slovakian senior national team at the young age of 17. Despite his young age, he received playing time during the WFC2016 and scored important goals when his team needed him the most. Soon after, he was taken into the ranks of Swiss club Wiler-Ersigen whose U21 team served as a breeding ground for the sniper. In this series of two interviews we sit down with Michal and talk about how he got himself at the level he is now (Part 1) and what we can expect of him in the next season, both for Wiler-Ersigen as well as for the Slovakian national team (Part 2).

In the previous part of the interview, Michal talked about the start of his career up to the point he was playing his first tournament with the national team and his first months with Wiler-Ersigen. Read it here.

In Slovakia, you played for ATU Košice, one of the strongest teams in the country. What are the main differences between them and Wiler-Ersigen? Did you notice many differences in for instance training and atmosphere?

I think that players in Switzerland have a more professional attitude to every training or match. they are giving a lot of attention and focus on floorball. I like it very much. There are also many differences between playing, like the quickness of play. I’ve got not so much time to think during the game, I have to make my decisions really fast. Also, the technical side of players is very different.

“There’s always some up and downs, but you have to rise up and never give up.”

What have you improved on most during last season? And what do you think of your progress thus far?

I think I’m improving myself in every training. Whether technic or physical preparation, training in Wiler are making me stronger in every performance during the game.

The World Floorball Championships 2018 will be organized in Prague (Czech Republic), relatively close to Slovakia. You’re in Group D, together with Canada, Japan and Singapore. Have you played against these teams before? What are your expectations for these groups matches?

It will be tough definitely, but we want to win this group without defeat. We have to play our best of course.

You scored four points in the WFC Qualifiers. Were you happy with this amount, or are you looking for more during the upcoming WFC?

I didn’t play my best at qualification, but the team performance was great, and that’s important for us. I hope I will be as useful as possible for my team in Prague, and I’ll do everything for that. I have to play my game.

What are your goals in general for the WFC 2018? Do you think playing a strong tournament will help you reach Wiler-Ersigen’s first team faster?

Our coaches are watching those games, so it would be good to play a good floorball and make them satisfied. Of course, my chances to play for the first team depends not just on one tournament. Hopefully, we will play for 5th-8th places. 5th would be a great success for me and for Slovak floorball also.


Dudovic in the Slovkian U19 team. Photo: IFF

At a young age, you’ve already achieved a lot. You made your first international transfer, played at the WFC, but there’s probably still much more to look forward to. Where do you hope to see yourself in five years, and what are your biggest dreams when it comes to floorball?

In the near future, playing for the first team in Wiler Ersigen constantly is my biggest aim. I don’t know what will happen in 5 years, but definitely, playing in SSL is a big dream of every player, and so It’s for me.

Around the world, there are many young floorball players that have you as an example. What advice would you give to them?

I cannot give a lot of advice, because I’m always learning from great players like T. (Tatu, red) Väänänen or M. (Mattias, red) Hofbauer. I might just say, that if you want to be a good player, you just have to do your best in every single training. There’s always some up and downs, but you have to rise up and never give up.

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