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The 3 Swedish stars that will play in Switzerland next year

Photo: IFF Flickr

There is an active connection between Switzerland and Sweden when it comes to player transfers. The Swiss NLA is a very popular destination of world-class Swedish floorball players who are looking for an adventure in the land of mountains and gold. This year 3 world-class players will make the move across Europe. Time for a closer look.

Photo: Per Wiklund

Patrik Rokka left IBK Dalen for the Swedish mid-league team Zug United where he will strengthen their offensive capabilities. The 24-year old started his SSL career in the 2014/2015 season when he was transferred from Örebro (then still Allsvenskan) and joined Falun mid-season. However, it was the season after when he started producing a healthy amount of goals (21 points in 22 matches), this time for Gävle. The next two seasons he would play for IBK Dalen where he played himself into the first line. In the final season, he produced 39 points in 34 games.

Photo: Adam Troy

Joel Kanebjörk is the prime example of a defensive center and made the transfer from Örebro to UHC Uster. The power horse always works hard, knows how to connect cleverly and it takes at least two opponents to move him off the ball. Perhaps not the most producing floorball player, his leadership qualities, strength and working spirit are unparalleled and are the reason why he has a national team career lasting over 10 years. With over 100 matches with the Swedish national team, it will be experience and hard work UHC Uster has added to their roster. Kanebjörk produced 11 points (4+7) in 31 matches in season 2017/2018.

Photo: Per Wiklund

Carl Kostov-Bredberg is one of Sweden’s best defenders and has made several national team appearances but has, so far, not made it to the definite roster of a WFC. Together with Patrik Rokka, he will be one of the two Swedes who will accompany Billy Nillson (Kostov-Bredberg’s former teammate), who has played with Zug United for several seasons now. One thing is for sure, Zug United will most likely have a very Swedish first line. Last season, the defender made 12 points (9+3) in 30 games.


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