Thailand delivers knock-out blow to Singapore in the final minute

A rollercoaster game ended up in the favor of Thailand who defeated Singapore with 6-5 after a breath-taking finale.

The two teams started the game on equal grounds. After 3 minutes Sirinan Boonbut opened the score but the audience didn’t have to wait very long for the equalizer. At around the 7th-minute mark, Shannon Yeo found the net for Singapore. Three minutes before the end of the period it was Mindy Lim to receive a 2-minute penalty for Singapore but her teammates defended successfully and the period ended in a 1-1 tie.

In the second period Thailand found the 2-1 when a beautiful assist by Tikhamporn Sakunpithak secured Sirinan Boonbut’s second assist. Her hattrick was completed when she also scored Thailand’s 3-1 in a powerplay. The period’s last goal, however, was a welcome reducer by Jill Quek who signed for Singapore’s second goal.

It would be Thailand to score the first goal of the final period with Nina Suppa’s name written on the ball. However, Singapore would score the next two goals so the equalizer came 7 minutes before the end. With eyes on the victory, Singapore was ready to take the victory but instead got the door slammed in their face. With just one minute of play left, Sirinan Boonbut scored her 4th goal of the day, to the joy to all her teammates and staff members. Desperately, Singapore tried to find the equalizer yet again and pulled their goalie before the face-off. This was a costly mistake as a far shot, right after the face-off, ended up in the net. Two seconds before time, Singapore scored the 5-6 but it was already too late.



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