Tero Tiitu: “I am happy for the many new guys we have in the team”

Photo: IFF Flickr

Finland has become the world champion after six years. They won a tough final against Sweden after penalty shots in front of 8.350 spectators. This match had an amazing atmosphere and brought Finland back to the top. In the tumult after Finland’s win we spoke briefly with Tero Tiitu.

How are your feelings right now?
Incredible. It was a great journey for the team. We had an amazing end after a tough match.

Are you satisfied with your own and the team performance?
Well, in top sport is always important to get the best result and in that way there is always the possibility to play better of course. Our final was quite balanced but our beginning was not that good. We were behind 0:2 and Sweden was getting too many counter attacks but we got the game under the control later. I had a small role in this tournament but my only aim was to do my best in that role and I think that I did it well. I am happy for the many new guys we have in the team because there are many guys for the first time on the world championship.

What are you going  to do now when the championship is at the end?
At first of all enjoy the victory of course. We had a lot of camps, played hard games and were focused only for the championship so it’s time to celebrate. There is always another chance to win after two years and I think the only aim can be to win there as well. After the celebration there is hard work again and we have the next league matches on upcoming week already so we are going to continue with our normal season.

This is your third gold medal from the world championship. Is it still something special for you or not that much?
Each championship is unique. I don’t have any kids but I can imagine that it’s the same with kids. Hopefully I will get some in the future. Every kid and championship is unique and very special so you never get too satisfied. Everything begins with the daily work and if you do it with passion and good quality it might just happen that you will win the world championships.


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