Team late after intermission? Here’s the answer for Referee Question o/t Week!

Rickard Wissman (Image: Dennis Erixon)

On Tuesday, we asked you the question below. Have you ever led a floorball match, and would you know what to do?

A team gets back on the pitch too late after intermission. What do you do?

Three options were given:

  1. You give a 2-min penalty for the late team, for delaying the game.
  2. You do nothing, as the referees are only responsible for the teams that are in time.
  3. You start the period with only one team.

Many right answers were sent in in our Floorball Worldwide Facebook group. As most of you knew, the right answer was #1, giving a 2-min penalty for the late team.

Did you get it right? Next week, we’ll get back to you with another Referee Question of the Week!


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