The Champions Cup is over with Storvreta as winner and Classic as runner-up. After the final the All Star Team was announced: All Star team: Best Goalkeeper: Lassi Toriseva #35 (Classic) Best Defender: Robin Nilsberth #97 (Storvreta IBK) Best Defender: Krister Savonen #56 (Classic) Best Centre: Alexander Rudd #92 (Storvreta IBK) Best Forward: Albin Sjogren […]
After the ladies’ final of the Champions Cup the All Star Team got announced. Here are the best players of the tournament: All Star team: Best Goalkeeper: Laura Loisa #30 (Classic) Best Defender: Ida Sundberg #24 (Pixbo Wallenstam) Best Defender: Isabell Krantz #44 (Pixbo Wallenstam) Best Centre: Eliska Krupnova #5 (Pixbo Wallenstam) Best Forward: Nina […]
Two strong teams full of energy battling each other during the quarter final of the Champions Cup: sounds good, right? Grasshopper Club Zürich (Switzerland) played against Pixbo Wallenstam (Sweden), fighting for a place in the semifinals against Classic. Pixbo didn’t use too much energy, kept their cool en won: 2-11. GC Zürich got to Boras […]
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