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Switzerland wins with big numbers from the USA

Photo: IFF Flickr

Switzerland defeated the United States with double digits. While the Swiss stood for a playful and energetic input, their opponents were forced to the defense for most of the match. The match ended 17-0 for team Switzerland.

It took the Swiss only 3 minutes to show the players from the USA that this game was theirs. When the 180 seconds had passed the audience was already looking at a 3 point lead for the Swiss through goals from Dan Hartmann, Luca Graf and Matthias Hofbauer. The Swiss took advantage of the small defensive positioning from their opponents and passing around it became their modus operandi for the evening. A true barrage was fired for the first fifteen minutes and Terence Frank could not keep up with all the shots – coming from basically everywhere. When the first bell rang the score was 6-0 for Switzerland.

The second period started similarly. Switzerland played around the United States’ defense whose players were a bit more active than in the first period. Roughly halfway the second period the players of the United States received a big counter attack and were close to finishing. The ball was stopped but it started a wave of energy among the USA players that didn’t stop until the final whistle. Switzerland scored many goals but the United States became more and more dangerous in their counter attacks. When the bell rang, the score was 13-0 for Switzerland.

Much didn’t change in the third period but the United States continued to put energy in their counter attacks. A couple of shots were fired indeed but the team could not satisfy the USA crowd with a goal of themselves. Keven Glanzmann, the goalkeeper replacing Terence Frank in the second period, had probably one of the greatest saves of this year and was clearly the star of the third period. However, despite the form he was in, he could not stop Switzerland from pounding the United States’ goal and the score ended 17-0.

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