21 September 2019
WFC 2016

Switzerland: “Winning doesn’t come by suddenly pushing a button before the WFC.” (Team Introduction)

Less than a week until the WFC 2016 starts. FloorballToday will show you all you need to know about the participating teams – with this time’s subject: Switzerland!

What has been your path towards the WFC?
Swiss head coach David Jansson: “We have been working with a very clear idea of how we want to bring Switzerland back to the absolute top of the floorball world. A big thing for us was to work on the things we believe in, regardless of the results during games. We have tried to keep the players with a lot of experience who represent skills and characteristics that suit our style of play and way of behaving on the court, and we have picked a couple of new guys with fresh energy who will give us an even better chance to play our game the way we want to. Looking on our results, we have improved a lot since my first EFT in Sandviken. We like that, we do not think that winning comes by suddenly pushing a button before the WFC.”

What is your team’s goal for this edition?
“In our minds, if you enter a tournament with a 0,01 percent winning chance, you should of course go for winning the entire tournament. Since we believe that our chances are bigger than that, our only result oriented goal – although it might be barrier breaking – will be to win the WFC. We will not focus a whole lot on that, since result goals also are dependent other team’s performances. We will focus on being the best we can be. We like picking players who believe in the fact that you can control your own performance, and that is exactly what we aim to do.”

Which 3 players should spectators keep an eye out and why?
#3 Tim Braillard – Two way center who is a physical and technical force on the court. Up and coming leader for Swiss floorball.
#96 Florian Kuchen – A great leader and a tough player with a no-nonsense attitude who always puts his team first.
#68 Emanuel Antener – A guy with perhaps the best floorball hands in the world.

“All games will be extremely rewarding and exciting!”

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team?
Switzerland is focused on its strengths, and they are watching their team developing into an aggressive bunch of players, wanting to do the right things for their teammates and the success of the team. They say to have increased the level of commitment, the compete level in general and the belief that they can make big things happen: “We have a group of guys ready to play for each other and our country.”

What group game are you looking forward to most?
“All of them! We have the honor of playing at a WFC. All games will be extremely rewarding and exciting!”

What are your thoughts about floorball entering the World Games?
Switzerland believes floorball is the most exciting sport in the world. Therefore they like every opportunity to take on the world stage. Long term, the team thinks that every sport in the world will have to evolve to keep floorball behind them.


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