The World Games

Switzerland team introduction The World Games – All you need to know!

Photo: IFF Flickr

The World Games 2017 is starting in just a couple of days. FloorballToday gives a brief overview of every team.

Group matches
27 July – Switzerland – USA
28 July – Sweden Switzerland

How far will the Switzerland go?
Switzerland has a very strong domestic top league which continues to grow every year featuring many top players from Finland (Tatu Väänänen), Sweden (Rasmus Sundstedt, Johan Samuelsson) and Czech Republic (Martin Tokos). Their national team coach, the experienced Swedish David Jansson, has a lot of great players to pick from and, unlike Finland and Czech Republic, has been free from any injuries in his selection. However, the road to gold won’t be easy. Switzerland’s first task is to win all group matches and Sweden will be the first big hurdle to overcome. If the team makes it to first or second place it will face Finland, Czech Republic or Poland. If the opponent will be Czech Republic or Poland, Switzerland has a good chance of reaching the finals. When the opponent is Finland, it will be a lot tougher, though not impossible.

3 players to watch

  • Tim Braillard – Quick forward equally important to his club Alligator Malans as the Swiss national team.
  • Matthias Hofbauer – Made his first international appearance already 17 years and has been a solid pick ever since.
  • Manuel Engel – Experienced forward playing for Swedish club Växjö who made it all the way to the Swedish finals.

Patrick Eder, Floorball Köniz
Curdin Furrer, Chur Unihockey

Field Players
Kevin Berry, UHC Alligator Malans
Nicola Bischofberger, SV Wiler Ersigen
Tim Braillard, UHC Alligator Malans
Manuel Engel, Växjö Vipers (SWE)
Luca Graf, GC Unihockey
Dan Hartmann, UHC Alligator Malans
Matthias Hofbauer, SV Wiler Ersigen
Claudio Laely, GC Unihockey
Manuel Maurer, Floorball Köniz
Christoph Meier, GC Unihockey
Patrick Mendelin, SV Wiler Ersigen
Paolo Riedi, Chur Unihockey

Dominic Jud, UHC Waldkirch-St. Gallen
Remo Buchli, UHC Alligator Malans
Christoph Camenisch, UHC Alligator Malans
Marco Louis, SV Wiler Ersigen
Benjamin Reusser, GC Unihockey
Nico Scalvinoni, GC Unihockey
Stefan Siegenthaler,  Unihockey Tigers Langnau

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