WFCQ 2017

EUR3: Switzerland getting ready for a WFC ticket, but who’ll follow? (Preview WFCQ)

Image: Ville Vuorinen/IFF

Four different qualification groups in Europe: EUR1 has Sweden as strongest country, EUR2 has Finland and EUR4 has Czech Republic. What about EUR3? Here’s the introduction!

To start off right away: in EUR3 Switzerland is expected to win the group. They’re 3rd at the World Ranking and showed great improvement during last year’s practice games. In November they met Finland and lost 4-5 after a penalty shootout. The other teams in EUR3 will have a hard time facing the tough Swiss.

Germany is the second strong team in this group. They’re ranked 6th and will focus on the first or second place in this group. Defeating Switzerland might be too difficult, but it’s a good showcase to check out the strength of both teams. A team that might surprise the Germans is the Netherlands, although we don’t see it happen quite quickly. In November the teams faced each other, with two German victories as result. However, the Dutch have trained hard and will be determined to reach 2nd or 3rd place – tough!

Then there’s Estonia and Austria. Estonia almost kept the Netherlands out of WFC 2015, so they shouldn’t be underestimated. However, the team is ranked 20th and can perhaps only focus on becoming the best #3 from all EUR groups (remember: the two best numbers 3 from the EUR groups will also qualify). The same applies for Austria. It has been years since they’ve won an official game, so we don’t expect to see them at the WFC in December.

Match schedule
01.02. 10:00 Germany – Austria
01.02. 13:00 Switzerland – Estonia

02.02. 10:00 Netherlands – Switzerland
02.02. 13:00 Estonia – Germany

03.02. 13:00 Austria – Netherlands
03.02. 16:00 Switzerland – Germany

04.02. 09:30 Austria – Switzerland
04.02. 15:30 Netherlands – Estonia

05.02. 08:30 Estonia – Austria
05.02. 11:30 Germany – Netherlands

(Source: IFF)
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