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Switzerland coach David Jansson: “I can understand if people comparing the lineups for the two teams are scratching their heads, but to me…”

Image: Fabian Trees/Swissunihockey

On Sunday, Swiss floorball wrote history by defeating Sweden on the international stage for the first time in the 30-year history. After 66 lost or undecided matches, the country finally defeated Sweden. Time to ask some questions to Switzerland’s head coach David Jansson about this historic victory.

Can you describe your feelings right after the game?
A bit less euphoric than I had imagined when I began to realize that this day eventually will come. I think the reason was that I got this euphoria bit by bit during the game instead. Players playing extremely well and buying into our ideas and the audience sharing our belief. And the lack of the extreme euphoria to me is something good. It means I want to do this again and I believe it could happen.

The question everybody asks: what is the secret behind Sunday’s victory?
I can understand if people comparing the lineups for the two teams are scratching their heads about our victory since the average floorball fan probably does not know more than a couple of our players in this EFT and Sweden’s roster is filled with big names. But to me, it is not a secret, more something the other way around. It is something highly visible: the way our players approach these kinds of games and have done over a period of time now.

What do you think should happen for Switzerland to consistently beat Sweden?
Well, that is a completely different animal of course. And we have to include the other top nations in the world here. It is about us keeping on moving forward and trying new stuff out. It is also about our players practicing hard and focusing on floorball, a big challenge in a land like Switzerland. If we know what makes us good, we will always have a chance.

I asked this question to Manuel Maurer before but it will be interesting to hear it from you too: last matches against Sweden you started the matches significantly better than the opponent. Is this anything you put special emphasis on?
The sample size is way too small to draw conclusions here of course. I can though guarantee you that our players come ready to play from a gameplan standpoint, and that might be an answer.

Switzerland WFC2018 champions?
For a semi-naive brain like mine, that is a no-brainer. In my head that is a ”yes”. But I am aware of the fact that the other top teams should think the same way about themselves.
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