Swiss National League A

Swiss point leader scored only six goals so far

Image: Michael Peter

The Swiss NLA is a close competition nowadays, with three teams fighting for the top position. After 7 rounds, we take a close look at the points scored thus far. Who is the top point scorer?

To answer directly: it’s Billy Nilsson – with only six goals scored. Zug’s assist king (his assists alone would have brought him to fourth place already) knows how to find his teammate Andreas Dahlqvist: he scored fourteen times and is at third place. In between the two Zug-players, there’s Deny Känzig (Wiler-Ersigen), who scored nineteen points already.

One of the top scorers last year, Joël Rüegger, isn’t doing bad either. He’s at fifth place, only one goal behind Michael Schiess at fourth. Good old Matthis Hofbauer is found at seventh place. Chur’s Joel Hirschi is now #10, but tonight, he still has a game to be played, so he might even climb the ranking some more as with every point scored, he climbs a spot.

  1. Billy Nilsson (Zug United)
    23p (6+17)
  2. Deny Känzig (SV Wiler-Ersigen)
    19p (13+6)
  3. Andreas Dahlqvist (Zug United)
    18p (14+4)
  4. Michael Schiess (Waldkirch-St. Gallen)
    16p (7+9)
  5. Joël Rüegger (Grasshopper Club Zürich)
    15p (6+9)
  6. Patrik Doza (Floorball Köniz)
    14p (6+8)
  7. Matthias Hofbauer (SV Wiler-Ersigen)
    13p (9+4)
  8. Michel Wöcke (HC Rychenberg Winterthur)
    13p (8+5)
  9. Yannick Jaunin (Kloten-Dietlikon Jets)
    12p (11+1)
  10. Joel Hirschi (Chur Unihockey)
    11p (8+3)

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