Euro Floorball Tour

Swedish MU19 win the EFT but are trailed by Finland (Results and ranking)

Image: Michael Peter

With narrow defeats (7-6, 6-5, 6-5) Swedish Men U19  was able to win EFT Kirchberg but the difference with Finland couldn’t be smaller. 

If the U19 results speak for the future things are looking pretty grim for the Czech Republic and Switzerland who took 3 and 0 points respectively. However, when looking at the scores a different image arises: almost all games had a score of 1 point difference.

Finland – Czech Republic 9-7
Sweden – Finland 7-6 (ps)
Switzerland – Czech Republic 5-6
Sweden – Czech Republic 6-5
Switzerland – Finland 4-9
Switzerland – Sweden 5-6

Sweden: 8 points, +2 (18-16)
Finland: 7 points, +7 (24-17)
Czech Republic: 3 points, -2 (18-20)
Switzerland: 0 points, -7 (14-21)

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