Report: Swedish Ladies Win Their First Match Despite Great Finnish Comeback

After the men’s game of yesterday (6-6) now it was the ladies’ turn. Home team Sweden vs. Finland, the battle which ended in a 7-3 loss for Finland last year, ended again in a defeat for the Fins (5-4).

Both teams started off full of energy, trying to push back the opponent on their own half. After a couple of good chances at both sides, it was Sweden to open the score. A smart pass reached Wickstrom, whose defender has run the other way, making it easy for the Swedish forward to make the goal. A couple of minutes later Finland fully benefited from a defensive error on Swedish side, making the score 1-1. Suddenly, in just a couple of minutes, things went quickly. Sweden scored twice, Anna Wijk got a 2-min penalty, Sweden scored again (shorthanded) but the goal got rejected by the referee (a just decision) and directly after the penalty Sweden got an enormous chance – but missed. Finland surely was happy the score was only 3-1 after the first period.

P2 started how the game started: full of energy. Finland did better than in p1, but they couldn’t help the rebound goal Sweden made. At 4-1 the 2-minute penalty Sweden got (high stick) seemed to be at a perfect moment for Finland, but… it was Krantz who scored a Swedish goal! Sweden tried to push through, but the score stayed 5-1, giving Finland one more period to fight for the win.

The last period, did anyone still believe Finland could make it? Well, the team itself certainly did! Although it was Sweden in the beginning of the period who pushed back the Fins, it only helped Finland score the important 5-2, after a counter. When Finland got a 2-minute penalty at 50.10, we believed this was the end of the game, but this time it was Finland scoring shorthandedly, with a sublime assist of Nieminen! They even scored the 5-4, but Sweden didn’t permit them to score more than that. The Fins have two days to rethink the game and to work on getting revenge on Sunday.

The penalty series was won by Finland, after all three Swedish tries missed, making the score of this game 2-1 and overall score 4-2 in Swedish favor.

Goals in time order:

1 – 002.3111. Louise Wickstrom25. Sofie AnderssonSWE W
1 – 106.1121. Nina Rantala53. Hanna SipilainenFIN W
2 – 114.563. Amanda Delgado Johansson21. Isabell KrantzSWE W
3 – 115.0911. Louise Wickstrom25. Sofie AnderssonSWE W
4 – 127.3826. Emelie Wibron12. Sofia JoelssonSWE W
5 – 1 sh.29.2821. Isabell Krantz7. Josefina EiremoSWE W
5 – 244.096. Sanni Nieminen53. Hanna SipilainenFIN W
5 – 3 sh.51.4621. Nina Rantala6. Sanni NieminenFIN W
5 – 4 wg.58.4453. Hanna Sipilainen21. Nina RantalaFIN W


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