Swedish Champion Valdemar Ahlroth – “I’m as happy after this win as I was sad about losing last year”

Photo: Per Wiklund

Valdemar Ahlroth’s first season with Storvreta has come to an end and what a season it’s been. He finished as their third best point scorer and ninth best in the whole league and most importantly as a Swedish Champion, on his second try against Falun in a final. 

– I’m just as happy now as I was sad last year after the loss with Växjö against Falun.

Do you feel that you got a bit of revenge on Falun this year then? 

– It felt like I did a much better game today than the last final so I’ll take that with me, that feels great. There’s also more quality in this team to win an SSL-final, more players who’s played finals before you know, it’s such a beautiful team, it just feels amazing.

So how’s your first season been with this beautiful team? 

– We’ve been very difficult to beat and we’ve been rolling on three lines, everyone’s been getting time on court and that’s fantastic because everyone’s contributed to this gold and that’s really important to me.

Ahlroth assisted 3-2 and scored 4-2 within only 13 seconds (!) in the second period which punctured Falun properly.

– It’s hands down the best goal I’ve scored, it was a typical Valdemar-goal too where I got the ball back in my hook and released a sweeper in the far end of the goal, it was like a dream.

What’s your plans for tonight, how are you celebrating being the best in Sweden?

– That’s a good question, probably take it a bit easy initially and not party too hard but we’re going to have fun, I can tell you that much!

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