Euro Floorball Tour

Sweden WU19 convincing winner of the Euro Floorball Tour (Results and ranking)

Image: Per Wiklund

The U19 women’s edition of the Euro Floorball Tour was won by Sweden, who turned out to be able to defeat all of their opponents.

After a weekend full of intense floorball game, the Euro Floorball Tour is over and we’ve seen a glimpse of what the future national teams will look like. With nine points and 27 scored goals, Sweden crowned itself as the winner. In the decisive game, the team beat Finland 8-3.

Finland- Czech Republic 9-1
Sweden – Switzerland 8-4
Sweden – Czech Republic 11-6
Switzerland – Finland 2-10
Czech Republic – Switzerland 3-0
Sweden – Finland 8-3

Sweden: 9 points, +14 (27-13)
Finland: 6 points, +11 (22-11)
Czech Republic: 3 points, -10 (10-20)
Switzerland: 0 points, -15 (6-21)

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