Sweden wins tight game against Czech Republic and moves to finals

It was a close game for the bigger part of the game but ultimately the Swedes were too strong for the Czech U19 squad. After two tight periods the Swedes won with 4-9

Both teams wanted it and both teams showed they wanted it, a place in the prestigious WFC finals. It made a close and entertaining first couple of minutes where chances were exchanged between the two teams. Czech Republic was the better team in this period albeit by a small margin. The team opened the score when Sweden was unable to get the ball from their own half. The ball bounced in front of Martin Muhlfait who place the shot decisively in the right cross. Sweden’s answer came a couple of moments later. After a couple of quick passes the ball ended up with Emil Nilsen whose slapshot didn´t miss target. Czech Republic had the final answer in the period though with a great powerplay goal by team top scorer Filip Langer.

Sweden’s equalizer came with lightning speed. After just 8 seconds the Swedish youngsters had brought the equalizer. They continued with the new energy the goal gave them and created a couple of great scoring opportunities. However, in their enthusiasm Czech Republic also received a couple of deadly counter opportunities. But it was Sweden to ultimately get ahead in the neck on neck race. In two minutes the team scored three times. The first one needed a bit of fortune as it was untechnically an own goal and was initiated by Oskar Hovlund. The next goal was through a combination of nice combination play which set free Mattias Jansson. The last goal of the series was a classic defender´s dragshot by Oskar Malmgren. Sweden went from 1-2 to 5-2 in less than 8 minutes of playing time. Czech Republic responded with an offensive and came close to scoring but was unable to place the important 3-5. A powerplay gave a new opportunity to the team but they didn’t manage to score. However, moments later the 3-5 was a fact. In a messy situation in front of their goal the Swedes couldn’t clear the ball and the Czechs took advantage of it. Filled with new energy the Czechs kept coming and took over the match from a somewhat passive Swedish team. The 5-6 followed in again a situation where the Swedes could not clear the ball in time giving away a free shooting chance Matyas Krebner took ultimate advantage of.

Czech Republic gave everything it had in the last period and kept Sweden under pressure. However, a Czech defensive mistake proved them costly and gave away a big chance to Kevin Haglund who set the 6-4. Shortly after Oskar Hovlund scored his second goal with a wrist shot from the right side. The game kept on going for a little while with plenty of opportunities for the both teams. Around 13 minutes into the last period Czech Republic had a timeout and started playing 6 vs 5. They didn’t manage to score but were rewarded with a 2 minute powerplay. They could not find the 5-7. The Swedes survived and increased the score to both 4-8 and 4-9 instead.


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