Image: Severin Binkert/IFF

Sweden has won the U19 World Floorball Championships after beating rival Finland in the final. It’s the sixth time the U19 team has won the gold.

For Finland on the other hand, it was the sixth time to win silver. The team took an early lead when Julia Woivalin found the net. Her goal was made undone when Cajsa Elm scored the equalizer and before the first period was over, Sweden took the lead through a penalty shot, monetized by Frida Swahn.

During the second period, Sweden kept goalkeeper Elsi Kangasharju working. She already made seven saves in the first period and would make eight in the second, but couldn’t stop Lisa Svarfvar from scoring 3-1. Finland struck back and scored 3-2 (Jasmiina Jarvinen), but the last goal of the period was once again from Sweden: Ellen Backstedt.

In the last period, Sweden showed its class. The team kept playing focused, while for Finland, even the most basic tactics seemed to be put aside. The Swedes increased their lead through counters, quick passes from behind the goal and nice moments in offense. Backstedt and Swahn scored their second goals, followed by the last goal of the game: 7-2, from topscorer of the tournament Wilma Johansson.

Goals in time order:

0 – 102.1612. Julia Woivalin13. Milja SaarikoskiFIN WU19
1 – 111.375. Cajsa Elm36. Madeleine KarlssonSWE WU19
2 – 1 ps.19.0611. Frida Swahnno assistantSWE WU19
3 – 123.2815. Lisa Svarfvarno assistantSWE WU19
3 – 224.273. Jasmiina Jarvinen6. Maura PaajanenFIN WU19
4 – 226.5812. Ellen Backstedt18. Wilma JohanssonSWE WU19
5 – 244.0312. Ellen Backstedtno assistantSWE WU19
6 – 244.4511. Frida Swahn2. Linnea WilhelmssonSWE WU19
7 – 248.0618. Wilma Johansson12. Ellen BackstedtSWE WU19
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