The World Games

Sweden team introduction The World Games – All you need to know!

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The World Games 2017 is starting in just a couple of days. FloorballToday gives a brief overview of every team.

Group matches
28 July – USA – Sweden
28 July – Sweden – Switzerland

How far will Sweden go?
Sweden has always been the leader in floorball but has been seriously challenged by Finland since the last ten years. Their lineup is roughly as strong as the Finns and is slightly better than Switzerland and Czech Republic. That means the team is almost destined to make it to the semifinals where it will meet Finland or Czech Republic. Sweden lost to Finland in the finals of the WFC2016 in a killer of a game. The game needed overtime and penalties to give the title to Finland. During the Euro Floorball Tour, Sweden took a small revanche on Finland but with stakes this high, the Fins are unlikely to underperform another time. With Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic as serious competition, a TWG title for Sweden is anything but certain.

3 players to watch

  • Alexander Galante Carlström  – this sniper is world’s best player. Opponents beware: he is in top shape!
  • Mattias Samuelsson – one of the fastest defenders in the world and a key player in the Swedish team.
  • Rasmus Sundstedt – An all round player with an amazing drag shot. Despite being placed on offense most of the time, has also capabilities as a defender.

Viktor Klintsten, Storvreta IBK
Måns Parsjö Tegnér, IBK Dalen

Field players
Tobias Gustafsson, Linköping IBK
Robin Nilsberth, Storvreta IBK
Mattias Samuelsson, Storvreta IBK
Emil Johansson, IBF Falun
Rasmus Enström, IBF Falun
Alexander Galante Carlström, IBF Falun
Johannes Larsson, IBF Falun
Kim Nilsson, FBC Kalmarsund
Johan Samuelsson, Unihockey Tigers Langnau
Kasper Hedlund, Mullsjö AIS
Rasmus Sundstedt, HC Rychenberg
Jonas Svahn, IBK Dalen

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