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Sweden says ‘no’ to new rules (among them 3×15 minutes)

In December, during the World Floorball Championships, all national federation will join the yearly members meeting. In this meeting, the proposal about new rules will be discussed.

In short, these proposed changes are what the IFF is investigating:

– Playing time 3 x 15 effective time, with 10 minutes intermissions
– Play Adult WFC with 20 teams
– A total of 18 persons in the team delegations (15 players + 3 officials)

The Swedish Federation (SIBF), in persons of General Secretary Göran Harnesk and competition manager Magnus Nilsson, spoke with ibnytt.se and let them know the following:

“There is no reason to make a change of this character in floorball without doing a proper analysis. What the consequences will be on the field and in what way it will benefit the larger as well as the smaller nations. If the proposal is likely to limit the development of the larger nations, resources for sport’s international development will decrease.”

“If we participate in larger tournaments like The World Games and the Olympics, we can, of course, adapt to the conditions offered. However, this does not mean that we have to change the entire sport.”

”There are many disadvantages, which must be thoroughly analyzed before we get into this.”

According to these answers, it seems the Swedish Federation will vote ‘no’ when these proposals are discussed, as they feel further investigations are required. However, in the meantime, one of IFF’s board members John Liljelund wrote on Twitter the discussion might be postponed anyway as all has gone a bit too fast. More information will follow during the WFC2018.

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