WFC 2017

Sweden first semifinalist after humiliating Latvia with 21-0

Image: IFF

In a rather one-sided game, Sweden crushed Latvia with 21-0 and made it to the semifinals. 

Just like in last game against Switzerland, Sweden struck in the first minute already, as Stephanie Boberg scored after 24 seconds. Sofia Joelsson and Alice Granstedt put the 3-0 on the scoreboard quickly after and one could say this game was already over before it even started. Halfway the period Sweden’s top scorer Emelie Wibron scored 4-0 after a wonderful individual move, outplaying goalkeeper Lauma Visnevska. After Moa Tschop’s 5-0, it seemed Latvia would make it to the break without any more goals against, but two more followed in the last minute of p1 when Boberg and Tschop scored their second ones: 7-0.

Latvia decided to structure itself a bit smaller in the second period and quite successfully, as during the first half of the period Sweden only scored once. However, Sweden adapted, improvised and overcame. Three goals within ninety seconds led to the double figures: 11-0, through goals by Amanda Delgado Johansson (2) and Anna Wijk. Latvia defended the best they could, but the Swedes were far too strong and put the score at 14-0 before the second break started.

Latvia’s situation didn’t get any better in the last period as in the first six minutes Sweden found the net six times. Emelie Wibron scored some more goals, putting her total this game at five points (4+1). She’s now at 21 points in total, only one less than top point scorer Paulina Hudakova.

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