20 November 2019
WFC 2017

Sweden and Finland will play in the finals! (Recap day 8)

The second to last day of the World Floorball Championships 2017 has come to an end. Here’s a short recap of all games.

Latvia and Poland started off the day with a game in which Poland took the shots, but Latvia scored the goals. On the day’s second game we could see Slovakia turn the game with an amazing comeback against Norway. Finland against Switzerland was the first semifinals of the day in which we saw that the incredible defensive input the Swiss showcased was just not enough against the Finns. As Sweden beat the Czech Republic in a relatively easy way, the final will be between Sweden and Finland.

All games
Latvia – Poland 5-1 [report / highlights]
Slovakia – Norway 7-4 [report / highlights]
Finland – Switzerland 3-1 [report / highlights]
Sweden – Czech Republic 7-1 [report / highlights]

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