Champions Cup

SV Wiler-Ersigen team introduction Champions Cup – All you need to know!

Photo: Fabian Trees

The Champions Cup 2017 is starting on Friday. FloorballToday gives a brief overview of every team.

Information about the team
SV Wiler-Ersigen is one of Switzerland’s most successful teams and is located in Ersigen and Wiler bei Utzenstorf. The club is almost 35 years old as it was founded in 1984. The club is immensely successful. In the past 10 years, the team managed to win the championship no less than 8 times! However, the team is not as successful at the Champions Cup: the only gold medal was obtained in 2004/2005 by beating Pixbo Wallenstam with 9-1. In 2015, Wiler-Ersigen came close but lost in the finals against Falun with 3-2. After a year of absence, the team is back! Can they take back the throne after 12 years?

 3 players to watch
  • Matthias Hofbauer – Almost as ancient as Mika Kohonen but the legend keeps producing and is in top shape!
  • Tatu Vaananen – Experienced national team player from Finland who is at the core of Wiler’s defense.
  • Daniel Johnsson – This zorro-king and point machine was Helsingborg’s top scorer last season but now plays for Wiler-Ersigen!

Nicolas Wolf
Christoph Reich

Nicola Bischofberger
Daniel Sesulka
Dave Wittwer
Lukas Meister
Tatu Vaananen
Jan Burki

Daniel Johnsson
Simon Laubscher
Matthias Hofbauer
Claudio Mutter
Patrick Mendelin
Dominik Alder
Andrin HollensteinDeny Kanzig
Philipp Affolter
Joel Krahenbuhl
Tobias Kanzig
Marco Louis

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