Swiss National League A

Strong Köniz new Swiss champions

Picture by Fabian Trees

For most of the Swiss finals, spectators were asking themselves when series winner Wiler-Ersigen would finally show their class after Köniz took an early 2-0 lead. The answer, however, was never and that means that Floorball Köniz is the new Swiss champion! The game ended 2-5.

Floorball Köniz and Wiler-Ersigen. Two world-class teams meeting in the final of the Swiss NLA. Although Wiler-Ersigen was the favorite, it was Floorball Köniz to take an early lead showing top-notch efficiency throughout the period. It was a first-line party: first up was a goal of Manuel Maurer after just a minute played assisted by Jona Lederberger. Some moments later, their Swedish line buddy Hampus Dargren was able to score from the left side after an assist Czech forward Patrik Doza.

In the second it looked like Wiler-Ersigen would make a comeback after the team scored the 1-2 with a rebound from Claudio Mutter but the team failed to score any more goals in the period which included a powerplay opportunity for the favorites. On the other side, Floorball Köniz was not able to score goals from themselves so the game awaited a very exciting final period.

It was definitely not the start Wiler-Ersigen hoped for.  In a moment of decreased focus from Wiler-Ersigen, Manuel Maurer was able to pass the ball in a free ball from the corner to Fabian Michel in the slot who scored the 1-3 for the team. The crowd exploded when 20-year old Swiss talent Jan Zaugg placed the ball confidently in the right cross after a counter. What was series winner Wiler-Ersigen going to do? The game entered a very chaotic couple of minutes. On one side, there was a very desperate Wiler-Ersigen who tried shot after shot while Köniz played a fast counter game. The nail in the coffin, if the coffin wasn’t already completed, was another goal by Jan Zaugg after two passes crossing the whole field. With the whole Köniz squad standing up and waiting to run onto the field, Finnish veteran Tatu Väänänen scored the 2-5 but it was just too late and too little. It was Floorball Köniz to carry the trophy home.

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