21 September 2019
WFC 2018

Strong first period for Denmark not enough to beat Norway

The clash between Denmark and Norway was tight for a bit more than one period, but after 23 minutes, Norway didn’t give Denmark any more chances and relatively easy won the game: 3-9.

Denmark took the lead twice during the first period, but Norway struck back. Ole Mossin Olesen played a great game (he won the MVP title for Norway) and scored twice with his zorro skills. First, a free hit turned into a goal, followed by a zorro penalty shot. The penalty shot was already in the second period, when Norway took a 3-5 lead.

Norway scored five times in the second period and two more in the final period. The Danes had some chances to increase their score, but goalkeeper Jelsnes kept his goal clean during the last two periods.

Goals in time order:

1 – 004.0925. Jesper Schmidt24. Mikkel Skov NielsenDEN M
1 – 1 pp.05.0229. Markus Lindgjerdet3. Daniel GidskeNOR M
1 – 206.0910. Ole Mossin Olesen29. Markus LindgjerdetNOR M
2 – 207.3027. Mathias Glass14. Lukas EldholmDEN M
3 – 216.308. Jesper Roland Buckner4. Daniel Nygaard MorupDEN M
3 – 323.1322. Patrick Martinsen11. Andreas Naess ValbyeNOR M
3 – 423.4518. Mads Fossum Normann10. Ole Mossin OlesenNOR M
3 – 5 ps.29.5310. Ole Mossin Olesenno assistantNOR M
3 – 632.378. Ole Martin Jansson10. Ole Mossin OlesenNOR M
3 – 737.1129. Markus Lindgjerdet12. Marius PedersenNOR M
3 – 8 pp.52.5829. Markus Lindgjerdet5. Ketil KronbergNOR M
3 – 954.374. Sindre Bjerknes10. Ole Mossin OlesenNOR M

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