Swedish Superligan

Storvreta wrecks AIK while Alexander Rudd scores first points of the season

Today, Storvreta was a class better than AIK. With the aide of a dream start, Storvreta was already with 7-1 by the end of the period and never gave any hope to AIK. The match ended with 15-5 for Storvreta.

Was it the worst start in SSL history? If one day such a competition would be held, AIK certainly deserved a nomination. How bad was it? Pretty horrific. Storvreta’s first line opened the goal in the first shift when Robin Nilsberth faked a shot but passed to Jimmie Petterson instead who decisively opened the score for his team. It took only 9 seconds for the first goal to fall but it was an omen in the sky for AIK. In the next couple of shifts, almost all three Storvreta lines managed to score a goal and it looked like AIK had left their defense back in Stockholm before coming all the way to Uppsala. Within 2 minutes, the score was already 3-0 and that was also the moment AIK changed their goalkeeper. For a moment it looked like AIK was able to stabilize the match and just place their match start under the category of ‘not how you want to start a match but at least we might still be able to turn it around’. Unfortunately, today’s game fell under the category marked ‘never again’. After the 4-0 was scored in a 4vs4 situation, it was time for Alexander Rudd to take his first point of the season with a penalty shot. By now, it was clear that AIK’s defense had more breaches than the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. Two more goals followed and with a 7-0 score, AIK  asked for a time-out.  It had the preferred effect: in the final five minutes of the period, AIK scored their first goal while they kept their goalkeeper out of way’s harm.

AIK was looking at a gap wider than the space between Woody Harrelson’s front teeth but didn’t really start the second period in the cleverest of ways. The team arrived too late for the referees’ liking and had to endure a powerplay in the first 2 minutes. It was not like Storvreta had any particular difficulties scoring against AIK today so it was a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ for the 8-1 to fall (answer: 82 seconds). To be fair, AIK made some nice goals in this period but so did Storvreta. Everybody knew the match was played already and this showed on the field through, what some would call cowboy floorball. While the match had lost its tension like a deflating balloon, it was still attractive floorball with lots of great goals. By the end of the period, the score was increased 12-3.

Could Storvreta humiliate AIK even further? Yes. But did they? No. In the final period, both teams seemed to have lost their focus (this presumed there was a focus on AIK’s half which is debatable). Apart from the small clashes and agitation (mostly from AIK’s side, logically), the match had seen its climax and went out like a candle that was either deprived of oxygen or simply at the end of its life. Thanks to a couple of goals, again, mostly on Storvreta’s side, the game ended with 15-5.

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