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Storvreta to semifinals – Alexander Rudd scores decider on penalty

The 5th and deciding quarterfinal game between Storveta and Dalen ended up being a close one. Alexander Rudd, who spent the whole game on the bench went in to take a penalty with 2 minutes left – and scored the deciding 3-2!

Dalen started off the first minutes of the game as the strongest team. However Storvreta slowly took over as the minutes passed. The guests had the chance in powerplay to get ahead. Chances were created, but a solid goaltending from Viktor Klintsten kept them from scoring.

Instead it was Albin Sjögren put his Storveta up in a 1-0 lead after 12 minutes. A sweeper shot that went past Dalens defending players and goalkeeper Måns Parsjö-Tegner, was definitely one of the best performances of the game.

A penalty shot was given to Storvreta, and Robin Nilsberth got the chance – but failed the shot and missed the goal completely. The following powerplay ended up being as the games 1st one; several chances created, but no goal.

In the 2nd period, Jimmie Pettersson extended Storvreta’s lead to 2-0 on a quick counter that caught Dalen’s defence off guard. Halfway in, Storvreta’s 17 year old Michael Jansson was sent off, and Dalen got another chance in powerplay. But a poorly executed 5v4 lead to Storvreta getting the best chances, not least when Jesper Berggren came 1v1 against Dalen’s goalkeeper.

The 3rd period started off just they way Dalen had in mind. After 1:50 Ketil Kronberg scored their 1st of the game. Only minutes later he assisted Jonas Svahn – and Dalen had equalized.

With roughly 2 minutes to go, Storvreta got their 2nd chance on a penalty shot, to the fury of Dalen. Alexander Rudd – who hadn’t played a single minute got the chance. And just like many times before, he beat the goalkeeper. Dalen followed up with a timeout and took out their goalkeeper to play 6v5, but failed to equalize.

In an interview after the game, Rudd commented that the reason he was on the bench was because of migraine – a result of a series of concussion injuries.

Dalen’s season is now over and Storvreta moves on to the semifinals!


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