11 December 2019
Swedish Superligan

Storvreta icon Jesper Berggren decides in overtime against derby rival Sirius


Storvreta won the quintessential derby against archrival Sirius.  The referees had a hard time controlling the fanatic players who took one penalty after another.  The match was incredibly tight and followed a typical pattern. Whenever Storvreta took the lead, Sirius made the equalizer. This continued until the 4-4 after a late 6 vs 5 goal by Joakim Olsson.  In overtime, it was Storvreta’s 35-year-old defender Jesper Berggren that brought the extra point to his club.

Mattias Samuelsson (1+1)
Jimmie Petterson (0+2)
Jesper Berggren (1+0)
Tobias Gustafsson (1+0)
Robin Nilsberth (1+0)
Niklas Winroth (1+0)
Henrik Stenberg (0+1)
Albin Sjögren (0+1)

Joakim Olsson (1+2)
Peter Berlin (1+1)
Henrik Malmgren (1+0)
Jakob Drews (1+0)
Mattias Jansson (0+1)

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