SSL Round 27 Recap and highlights – Storvreta’s threatening Falun’s first place


Both Storvreta and Falun walked out as victors after round 27, putting Falun two points ahead of Storvreta before their third clash this season tomorrow. Falun’s win against AIK put the Stockholm-team below the relegation line as Örebro utilised Dalen’s down period and made sure they lost their fourth game in a row. On the other side of the spectrum is Jönköping who defeated Höllviken for the third time this season. Their fourth win in a row brought them back to ninth place, only one point behind Dalen with one game less played.

Dalen’s placement is seriously threatened and their remaining seven games consist of Jönköping, Höllviken and five teams placed better than themselves. Jönköping on the other hand will spend their remaining rounds against teams all around the league, which means that their chances to qualify for playoffs look significantly better on paper in combination with their current form.

The constant crossing of teams facing relegation hasn’t stopped, apart from Team Thorengruppen’s placement that is. It’s currently impossible to say who’ll end up there but it’s looking like it’ll be a fight between AIK, Örebro, Höllviken and possibly Sirius, the latter who’s also in a position to challenge Dalen together with Jönköping.

Results and standings:

IBF Falun – AIK 6-3 [Highlights]
Linköping IBK – FC Helsingborg 7-5 [Highlights]
IBK Örebro – IBK Dalen 5-3 [Highlights]
Höllvikens IBF – Jönköpings IK 5-6 [Highlights]
Växjö IBK – Mullsjö AIS 4-6 [Highlights]
IK Sirius – IBK Storvreta 3-8 [Highlights]

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