SSL Round 26 Recap and Highlights – Galante’s and Rudd’s first goals in 2018


The 26th round of the SSL finally let loose and made up for the Januaryness and lack of goals we’ve so far drowsed through. Galante made his first appearance this year and in no other manner than what you’d expect from him; a hattrick within 17.27 minutes – Falun’s first full time victory in 2018 and first victory with double figures since their previous game against Örebro in round 19. Falun’s 3-10 win against Örebro puts them ahead of Storvreta who’s been chasing well enough that they can scramble up the top placements in the following round depending on Falun’s success at home against AIK and their derby against Sirius. 

Storvreta hasn’t lost a game since their overtime loss against Falun in round 21 and this round they pulled away properly as they demolished AIK with staggering 15-5. Their star center Alexander Rudd wrote a piece of history as well when he scored his two first goals since his head injury.

Whilst Galante and Rudd wrote the headlines with their respective goals from round 26, the land in between has started scratching on the walls between playoffs and relegation. Dalen is in a down period after having lost three games in a row, this round against their fellow Umeå-rivals Thorengruppen. This only puts them four points ahead of Sirius and Jönköping and they have one game more played than them. Should Sirius break Storvretas streak or Jönköping bring down Höllviken for a third time then Dalen will desperately need to start winning in order to maintain the gap.

Farther down towards the relegation line we still find AIK two points ahead of Örebro but under slightly different circumstances. Örebro will welcome Dalen next round who have been struggling for three rounds whereas AIK will host Falun who are seemingly on a much stronger path with Galante back in the front. It’s crucial points for the two of them as there’s not much time left to spring away from the relegation line. AIK needs to get away from Örebro with margins as soon as possible in order to secure a new contract but Örebro is in a position to surpass them in the upcoming round.

Results and standings:

IBF Örebro – IBF Falun 3-10 [Highlights]
Pixbo Wallenstam – Linköping IBK 9-4 [Highlights]
Växjö Vipers – Höllvikens IBF 10-4 [Highlights]
Storvreta IBK – AIK 15-5 [Highlights]
Mullsjö AIS – FC Helsingborg 6-4 [Highlights]
IBK Dalen – Team Thorengruppen 2-3 (OT) [Highlights]

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