SSL Round 24 Recap and Highlights – Falun’s overtime wins keeping them ahead


Falun’s been on a rough but effective road ever since Alexander Galante Carlström sprained his ankle on a snowracer at the end of 2017. The giants fell against IK Sirius and have won the remaining three in overtime, an indication of pure will throughout several players but also a small cloud on the horizon as some of the games shouldn’t have gone as far as to a fourth period. As of latest in round 24, Dalen brought them to overtime after losing a 1-3 lead to 3-3 where Johansson, who assisted all three of Falun’s goals during regular time, eventually brought two additional points to Falun after his decider in the fourth period. Thus Falun remains at first place, five points ahead of Storvreta with one game less played.

The two favourites have been closely chased by Pixbo for a long time who were finally put in a position where a loss would compromise their placement in today’s game away against Växjö. The previous finalists put Pixbo in a corner immediately but didn’t keep it up throughout the entire game as Pixbo equalised early into the third period and scored the deciding with a whole fifteen minutes left.

Linköping won their third and last game against Mullsjö with 3-2 and snapped third place from Växjö, a psychologically important win for Linköping who lost last season’s quarterfinal against Mullsjö. The two merited finalists are however on the same amount of points where the goal difference decides the placement.

Travelling south of the playoffs line we’ll find that Jönköping did what Höllviken couldn’t do in the last round and beat FC Helsingborg with 6-5 in overtime which brought them ahead of Höllviken with one point, however Höllviken currently has one game less played.

Team Thorengruppen and AIK are currently facing relegation despite the first-named beating the latter at home with 6-5 today. This could have been crucial points for AIK who are at least close to making it out of there but Thorengruppen closed the gap between them instead.

Results and Highlights:

Jönköpings IK – FC Helsingborg 6-5 (OT) [Highlights]
IBF Falun – IBK Dalen 4-3 (OT) [Highlights]
IBF Örebro – IK Sirius 3-4 [Highlights]
Linköping IBK – Mullsjö AIS 3-2 [Highlights]
Växjö Vipers – Pixbo Wallenstam 4-5 [Highlights]
Team Thorengruppen – AIK 6-5

Round 24 SSL


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