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SPECULATION: Will Rasmus Sundstedt and Mika Kohonen play for Storvreta next year?

Picture by Per Wiklund

What do Mika Kohonen and Rasmus Sundstedt have in common? Both have ended their contracts and both have previously played for Storvreta. Now Storvreta’s vice-chairman Johan Carlström confirmed to UNT that there are talks with both concerning a possible return.

Mika Kohonen played for FC Helsingborg for two seasons but has confirmed to move back to his family in Alsike near Uppsala which is the home base of Storvreta. To UNT, Storvreta confirmed that there have been talks with Mika Kohonen. Earlier the Finnish veteran told the news site: “I am 40 years old but my plan is to play one year more and play in the World Championships. And if you reach the level of what is need to play at the WFC, you are fit enough for all teams.”

Rasmus Sundstedt is another name that has come up with. The star will be returning home from an adventure in Switzerland where he played for HC Rychenberg. Although Storvreta has to pay attention to its budget, the talks are on, despite competition from other clubs: “He’s not a free player but a good player”.

Another name that returns home (with history in Storvreta) is Fredrik Holtz who will play in the Allsvenskan team Hagunda for next season.

Source: UNT.se


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