WFC 2017

Slovakia’s Hudakova ready to break WFC records – Only points away

Image; IFF

Slovakia has played four games so far at the WFC in Bratislava and especially the first line has been impressive. In the current overall top 5 of top point scorers, three are from this first line. At the moment, Lucia Kosturiakova is the WFC top scorer (11 goals), while Paulina Hudakova is the top point scorer. She has gained an astonishing number of 22 points (8+14) so far.

With her 22 points, she is incredibly close to Emelie Linström’s record of 25 points during a single WFC tournament. The gap is only three points, while Hudakova’s average currently is 5,5 points per game. In 2011, when Linström set the record, she also put the record of most assists during a single WFC tournament at 16. Hudakova’s current number is 14 (3,5 per game), so there’s a big chance she will also break this record.

Slovakia will play three more games, of which the first one starts tomorrow at 17.00 CET, with Finland as the opponent. Watch it live on the IFF channel (YouTube) or on our website, to see if Hudakova gets two impressive records at her name!

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