Slovakia secures 5th place in tight fight against Latvia

Slovakia took the early lead but Latvia was never far away and even equalized halfway the final period. However, a late Slovakian goal gave the 5th place to the hosting team. The match ended 6-4.

In front of a large crowd Slovakia started the match well. Playing fast and attractive floorball the Slovakian army set the pace and were up 2-0 by the end of the opening round. Latvia played fiercely but failed to cope with the energy the Slovakians put in.

In the second period things calmed down and it seemed as if the Latvians were better prepared this time. Slovakia was still the better team but the difference was that in this period they were unable to score. It was also the period in which Latvia netted their first goal. With the score being 2-1 the game could swing either way but there were not any more goals in the period.

Slovakia started the final period with a powerplay which was a huge chance to put a 3-1 score on the board. The crowd roared when Slovakia indeed claimed another goal but their sounds were soon to be silenced. Just moments later Latvia scored the 3-2 bringing back the thrill into the game. It was a tense period that followed. Chances were scarce but it wasn’t due to a lack of trying. One moment of lack of focus turned out to be expensive for Slovakia as it gave Latvia the equalizer. Carried by the crowd, however, Slovakia managed to take the lead again showing their resilience once again. With two minutes to go, Latvia chose for a timeout but didn’t even get the chance to play 6 VS 5 as Slovakia had ball possession. Skillfully, the team played around the Latvian press and scored the 5-3 making it increasingly hard for Latvia to win the game. 16 seconds before time the Latvians scored the 5-4 but immediately Slovakia scored the 6-4 after the face off and with this Slovakia claimed 5th place.

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