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Sirius faces the toughest playoff challenge with Uppsala derby | Playoff preview | SSL 18/19

The team qualified for the playoffs by the skin of their teeth and waited for the last possible round to take the coveted #8 position in the chart. However, they did so in style defeating Växjö with 11-2 mending the wounds of last season’s playoff miss by 1 point. Now the team faces Storvreta for the ultimate Uppsala super derby.

Sirius is a well-known team with an incredible performance in the second half of the season which was ultimately rewarded at the end of the season. The team has an incredible, fun to watch, offense but lacks defensive-wise. In some games the defense is solid but in others the team’s weakness is clearly and painfully exposed.

The axis of this team has played for some time now. This can be seen in their free-flowing attacking play and Jakob Drews belongs this season to the top snipers in the SSL. Transferring from Storvreta a couple of season ago looking for a bigger role, he has made huge progress from a not so productive player to scaring the opponent’s defenses. As a factor of this progress, the young super talent Filip Eriksson cannot be forgotten. Both players finished the regular season with 66 points which gave them the 6th and 7th place in the SSL point league. This 2002-born revelation is a future superstar despite the big competition in other young Swedish talents. With Joakim Olsson leading the other line the team can count on two incredibly strong lines – which is the minimum to reaching the play-offs in current times. He is one of the experienced players having played for Sweden in the past and due to his time in AIK and Storvreta (including SSL finals), who helps his teammates to learn and leads by example on the court. Another important player is Johan Eriksson who has improved his standard and is one of Sirius’ best players also is well established in this team as his transfer from Hagunda took place in 2010.

Storvreta will be their opponent in the semifinals and all matches will take place in the IFU Arena in Uppsala. Can Sirius stunt and take down the reigning champions or will the quarterfinals be their final destination?

On 21 March 19.00 the first match will be played.

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