AOFC cup

Singapore win AOFC after outclassing Thailand

Picture IFF Flickr by Martin Flousek (WFC2018)

Singapore cashed in on their impressive trackrecord by beating Thailand in the finals of the AOFC with the astonishing score of 17-1.

With a goal difference of 46-6 in the previous games Singapore was surely the team to beat this tournament. In the group stage and semifinals no team managed to score more than two times against the second highest ranked Asian team so all eyes were pointed towards Thailand whose sudden rise towards being a dominant Asian superpower in the last few years has not gone unnoticed and are, in fact, the current reigning AOFC champions after winning its first edition in 2017.

Those who hoped for a long and tight clash would be disappointed as the match was already decided as Singapore went into the first break with a 3-1 lead which they quickly increased to 7-1 by the 30-minute mark. The Singaporeans didn’t stop there and eagerly scored goal after goal until they set their highest win this tournament and crowned themselves AOFC Cup champions of 2019.

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