WFC 2018

Second victory for Poland as Japan gets beaten: 6-2

Image: IFF

Poland moves on to the ranking game for 13th spot after beating Japan in a relatively one-sided battle. Japan faces Singapore tomorrow, with the 15th spot at stake.

Poland has only won one game so far, so this second victory was a welcome one. After the first period, the team had already taken a 3-0 lead through goals from Filip Lukaszewski, Jakub Lyskawa and Maciej Sienko. Halfway, Japan’s captain Ichiro Ueda scored after a quick counter, but the Poles didn’t panic and slowly kept on increasing their lead again. Lukasz Chlebda and Karol Pelczarski put the score at 5-1 before Michal Sienko scored Poland’s final game (powerplay). Eiji Takizawa scored the final goal of the game. With nine seconds left, he brought the final result at 6-2.

Goals in time order:

1 – 009.056. Filip Lukaszewski16. Daniel WidurskiPOL M
2 – 013.1277. Jakub Lyskawa20. Jakub SujkowskiPOL M
3 – 014.0017. Maciej Sienko52. Lukasz ChlebdaPOL M
3 – 131.598. Ichiro Ueda14. Naoki ShibaJPN M
4 – 136.0452. Lukasz Chlebda13. Karol PelczarskiPOL M
5 – 140.4713. Karol Pelczarski11. Michal SienkoPOL M
6 – 1 pp.56.2311. Michal Sienko13. Karol PelczarskiPOL M
6 – 259.519. Eiji Takizawa12. Shin KatoJPN M


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