SCIENCE: Why Storvreta will win the SSL finals because of their RED jersey

According to science, competitors who wear red will win more than those that are dressed in any other color, according to a study in Germany. Does this mean Storvreta will win the SSL finals against Falun on Saturday?

Storvreta will be the ‘home-team’ in the upcoming Swedish finals which means they will wear their famous red jersey. This doesn’t sound like a big advantage but research shows this small detail can have far-stretching consequences and – potentially – be match-winning. Why is this? Researchers found that those who wear red tops, jackets or clothing score 10% more in any competition than if they were in another color. Experts believe that red could make individuals and teams feel more confident as well as be being perceived by others as more aggressive and dominant.

The study, by German sports psychologists at the University of Munster, was reported in New Scientist magazine. They showed video clips of taekwondo bouts to 42 experienced referees. One combatant wore blue, the other red. They then showed them the same clips but digitally manipulated the clothing to swap the colors. The fighters wearing red were given an average of 13% more points than when they were blue.

This Saturday, the battle for Swedish Gold between Falun and Storvreta will be incredibly tight which is, in fact, a crucial factor: “If one competitor is strong and the other weak, it won’t change the outcome of the fight,” said Norbert Hagemann, who led the study. “But the closer the levels, the easier it is for the color to tip the scale.”

Source: Telegraph
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