Champions Cup

SB-Pro claims bronze after thrilling game vs Piranha Chur

Photo: IFF

In the first game on the final day of Champions Cup, the Finnish champions SB-Pro took the bronze medal after a tight game versus the Swiss Piranha Chur.

Both teams had lost the semifinals yesterday, although one team in more dramatic fashion than the other. With yesterday’s match still in their legs and mind, the players had to recharge for today’s bronze medal finals. It turned out to be a close battle between the Finns and the Swiss.

In the first period, it looked like the teams would enter the dressing rooms with a 1-1 tie but a goal by Nea Suominen at 19.43 gave the lead to SB-Pro. The lead was well deserved as SB-Pro created more chances. However, the tables turned in the second period when Piranha Chur went into a new gear with the 2-2 equalizer as a result. Tiltu Siltanen, SB-Pro’s goalkeeper, made sure the damage kept to just 1 goal while Heidi Lirkki was able to score the 3-2 lead.

In the final period it was a counter by SB-Pro that ultimately would decide the match for the Finnish champions when Laura Hietamäki skillfully put the ball past Swiss goalkeeper Jill Munger. A last-minute (almost) empty net goal by Jaana Lirkki secured the 5-3 victory for SB-Pro, a small solace after their devastating overtime loss in the semifinals of yesterday.

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