WFC 2016

Heartbreaking moments & tears of joy – watch the most intense photos of the WFC

This WFC was full of dramatic moments. Insane roller coasters that brought tears of happiness and tears of sadness. Below you can find the most dramatic moments from up close. All pictures are taken from the IFF Flickr.

most-intensepictures-sattaya-phoosinoi-no-nameSattaya Phoosinoi celebrates a goal for his team. Thailand was perhaps the biggest surprise of the tournament. Although the debutant only reached 14th place the team can look back at an excellent performance.

most-intense-pictures-denmarks-win-over-latviaDenmark celebrates their win versus home team Latvia. The team did the unimaginable and beat the team in front of their home audience.

most-intense-picture-latvias-loss-vs-denmarkLatvian players comfort each other after their dramatic loss versus Denmark. It’s the other side of the medal. Happiness on one side, bitter deception on the other.

most-intense-picture-czechs-loss-vs-finlandCzech players thank their audience for their support. The team lost versus Finland – 7 seconds before the end of the match Eemeli Salin ended Czech dreams. 

most-intense-moment-czech-republic-comfort-kidA Czech father comforts his kid after the dramatic loss of his team in the semifinals. The country wept together with its players.

most-intense-moments-eemeli-salins-winning-goalThe other side. The Finnish players celebrate their miraculous goal that gave them a ticket to the finals. 

characterising-picture-latvias-last-fist-afterl-oss-vs-slovakia The audience had already left and saw their team lose the battle for place 9 making the tournament a deception. This was the last time the players merged fists.

Petri Kotilainen and Jani KukkolaForward Petri Kotilainen and center Jani Kukkola share a moment together after their long journey ended with a gold medal.


Emotional moments when Mika Kohonen is given the honor of lifting the cup first. Watch the moment in video here.

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