Swiss National League A

Rychenberg in comfortable 3-1 lead in series after beating Langnau 5-6

Image: Claudio Thoma/

In the quarterfinals of the Swiss NLA playoffs, Rychenberg had a great weekend as the beat Tigers Langnau twice. Today’s game ended in a 5-6 score in Rychenberg’s favor.

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After three games, Rychenberg took a 2-1 lead. Today’s home crowd was hoping their Tigers could equalize the score. However, after just one period the team was already 0-3 behind. It were Schwerzmann, Schaub and Conrad that found the net. Directly into the second period, Gutknecht even put the score at 0-4. Johan Samuelsson helped Kevin Kropf score Tigers’ first goal, but Huser and (again) Conrad put Rychenberg at a 2-6 score before the second break (in between, Glauser scored for Langnau).

Ivan Brechbühl had some fantastic shifts between 48:25 and 53:44, as he scored twice and gave one assist. He helped his team get back into the game as the score now was 5-6, but Rychenberg didn’t receive any more goals against and thus won its third game. Next weekend, the fifth and sixth game will be played.

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