Russia keeps delivering on U19 WFC Day 3 (Div B) | Recap & highlights

Division B of the U19 WFC consists of Group C and D. These eight teams are aiming for one thing: winning the division and making it to Division A. Here’s what happened on the final day of the group stage.

Group C

Poland – Russia 6-8 (highlights)
Russia is definitely the surprise of the tournament! The team took off on Wednesday and with this match has forced groupfavorite Poland to the second place. The driven team had a good start and Poland was behind the times for the whole match. In the last minutes Poland brought back the tension with a 7-6 deficit, but Russia could successfully hold off the opposition for an 8-6 win.

Japan – USA 7-6
Japan did it again: losing with the smallest difference possible. After their 7-6 (Russia) and 2-3 (Poland) defeats, it was now a 7-6 loss against the USA. The USA scored its winning goal at 59:58 (without goalie) and will meet Canada in the battle for 13th place.

Group D

New Zealand – Canada 1-7
The home team could finally cheer as this game against New Zealand became their first victory. The score was 0-3 already after the first period and got increased to 1-6 during the second period. With only one goal scored in the final part, the result was 1-7. Canada finds a special opponent on Sunday: the USA, in the battle for 13th place.

Slovenia – Germany 6-11 (highlights)
Germany has become the winner of group D by beating runner-up Slovenia. The team now meets Poland in the semifinals of the B-division. Slovenia meets the winner of Group C: Russia, in the other semifinal.

Final standings (Group stage)

Group C
Group D
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