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RUMOUR: Mika Kohonen to… Falun?

Image: Lehtikuva

In March this year, it was announced Mika Kohonen would leave his club FC Helsingborg after season 17/18. Now the first rumors have appeared about his next club.

According to sources, one of the world’s most well-known players started talking with one of the best floorball clubs: Falun. Kohonen itself stated that “right now, I have nothing to say about the future because there is nothing to say”.

Mika Kohonen came to Helsingborg in the summer of 2016 on a transfer from SPV in the Finnish Salibandyliiga and immediately took over as captain. He had ambitions to reach the gold but never came further than the quarterfinals after losing 0-4 to Falun in 16/17 and then 0-4 against Storvreta last season. Before his years at Helsingborg, he’s played for seven years at Storvreta.

Kohonen has had his best years as a center, but Falun might need him as a defender, right where he played at Helsingborg. However, Falun’s club manager Patrik Bäck and coach Thomas Brottman say they don’t know about any negotiations.

So far, Mika Kohonen is the first and only player that gained more than 1.000 SSL points. Falun transferred some incredible names (Eric Björk, Adam Colling, and Johan Samuelsson) already this summer, will the former best floorball player in the world (five times) join this list and get another chance to increase his enormous amount of points? We’ll find out the following weeks.

Source: Sportbladet
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