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Rollercoaster game grants Sirius bronze place – Rychenberg loses in extension

It was a game filled with drama in the battle for bronze in the Uppsala Floorball Challenge between Sirius and HC Rychenberg. The domination steered back and forth between the two teams but in the extension it was a goal for Sirius ended the game.

Both teams had lost their first game yesterday which meant they met today in the battle for 3rd place. Their history was quite different: HC Rychenberg did not stand a chance versus Storvreta while Sirius played a very tight game versus Finnish masters SC Classic. Today, none of that mattered.

The game started with a typical ‘Sirius’ start – a bad one. Rychenberg was bloodthirsty and eager and Sirius was taken off guard. Before the Swedish knew it, they were 2 goals behind. It rained chances up and forth, but Rychenberg was the dominating party in this period. With just a couple of minutes on the clock, however, a 2 minute penalty meant a power play for Sirius. Against Classic they were very effective and also against Rychenberg this was the case. Just 3 seconds before the first break a quick shot from the left by Bobby Edberg reduced the score to 2-1.

The second period also started with fire. Lots of action and many, many counters. Rychenberg equalized fast, just after a couple of minutes. They respected the first line, but put full pressure once the 2nd and 3rd lines entered the rink. For a great deal of the second period this strategy worked, but it was not a surprise the 3rd line of Sirius made a goal. Full press means a lot of room if you can get the ball past the middle line and the young players were eager to make use of it.  The assist of the evening came next. Jakob Drews, who transfered from local rival Storvreta, ran up in the slot, got in front of his defender, took the ball from the air and laid it still. With the goalie out of position and no defender near it was an easy job to finish. The scoreboard now read 4-2. The game was not over by any means, but when the bell rang for the second time Rychenberg knew it had to bring more.

A quick goal by Sirius – 25 seconds in – was not what Rychenberg hoped for, but it happened nonetheless. With a 5-2 score Sirius seemed to settle for the score and tried to bring the tempo down and secure the win.  Rychenberg’s answer came half way the period with a beautiful goal. Sundstedt changed to a back position and with newly composed line they needed just 2 points to equalize with 10 minutes to play. It was definitely not impossible. The pressure went up again and Sirius seemed to play more and more passively hoping the game would end before their opponents could manage to sneak in 2 goals. The Swiss increased their passing speed in passing and forced the Uppsala team backwards. Clumped up the Sirius defense was not nearly as dangerous and a lot of shots followed. Then two beautiful goals fell for Rychenberg who made optimal use of the created space! With just a minute to play the score read 5-5.

The 10 minutes of sudden death meant more of the same. Fast passing, lots of counters and dangerous shots all over the place. However, it was Drews again who made an amazing assist out of nowhere. One moment he was battling on the side, the next moment the ball flew towards the slot in great synergy with Bobby Edberg with the Swiss defenders trailing him. The volley that followed left the goalkeeper without a chance.

With the victory Sirius secured bronze in the Uppsala Floorball Challenge.



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