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Rock solid Storvreta to SSL finals after dominant performance vs Mullsjö

Photo: Per Wiklund

After a class performance by Storveta IBK with an unbreakable defense, they defeated Mullsjö AIS in the 6th semifinal 2-8, meaning they’ll play the SSL finals against Falun next Saturday!

WATCH: All goals from the game!

Like last time, Mullsjö was given a big chance to start the match well, but again, the chance was burnt. The home team started the period incredibly well, showing Storvreta all sides of the field under loud support from the audience. The domination climaxed when Mattias Samuelsson had to stop Mullsjö’s Anton Vestlund from taking a shot which resulted in a penalty shot. But, like last time, Norwegian defenseman and penalty specialist Daniel Gidske couldn’t find a way to place the ball behind Viktor Klintsten.

To make matters worse, it was Storvreta to score shorthanded when Robin Nilsberth was beautifully assisted by Alexander Rudd. Slowly but steadily, Storvreta took a grip on the game and was able to score their second goal when Albin Sjögren finished a counter.

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In the second period, Storvreta was able to increase the score to 6-1, mostly due to counters and taking advantage of the many mistakes in Mullsjö. Albin Sjögren was able to place his second goal after Mullsjö couldn’t get rid of the ball and just a minute later the score was 4-0 when Jimmie Petterson finished another well-executed counter.

Within minutes, the score was even 6-0 and Mullsjö looked like it had given up. The home team was not playing their best game of the season and Storvreta took advantage of this in a merciless way. Anton Vestlund scored the 1-6 for his team but it was clear that the team needed to bring a lot more in the final period to even think of winning the match.

In the final period, Storvreta patiently waited for Mullsjö to attack and, did not rush to score goals of themselves. This meant that a big portion of this period there were no goals. After around 6 minutes, Mullsjö’s Isaac Rosén scored a goal but he jumped to stop the ball and was denied the goal by the referees. As the clock ticket, Mullsjö’s chances to take down the match dwindled.

With 5 minutes to go a timeout was called by Mullsjö who then took out their keeper to gamble with a man advantage – with immediate effect, as their captain David Gillek reduced to 2-6. But their small hope for a comeback was crushed only seconds later when Jimmie Pettersson on an open net found 2-7. A couple of minutes before the game was over, Niklas Winroth scored the final goal of the game.


STO-MUL 7-8 (o.t)
STO-MUL 10-7
MUL-STO 7-6 (o.t)


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