Report: Sweden Defeats Finland After Strong Comeback

The second game of the traditional Sweden-Finland Challenge ended up going Sweden’s way, winning in both full time and the following penalty shootout.

Although the Finns would start off strongest. After 5:42 Janne Hoikkanen scored the first goal of the game, assisted by Joonas Pylsy. Sweden had the opportunity to equalize it when Eemeli Salin was given a 2 minute penalty 7 minutes in. Despite having a strong Powerplay lineup with goal scorers like Kim Nilsson and Rasmus Enström, no goal was scored. Instead Finland increased their lead when Jani Kukkola from his classic point position hit the net, making it 2-0 going in to the second period.

Changes were made in the Swedish lineup – Alexander Rudd who initially started on the bench replaced Linus Nordgren and joined Rasmus Enström and Jonas Svahn in the second line. Nordgren was instead placed in the third line where he replaced Falun’s Simon Cederström.

The changes gave good result for the Swedes and 11:53 in to the second period Rasmus Enström scored the first goal for Sweden, assisted by Jonas Svahn. Shortly after that Kim Nilsson equalized it in a typical Nilsson manner, using his long reach to go around his opponent, and then placing it in the lower end of the goal.

The synergy between Enström and Svahn continued and already after 1:33 in the third period Sweden was in the lead for the first time in the game. Chances were exchanged between the teams but no goal was scored until 15:36 when Linus Nordgren extended the lead for Sweden to 2-4, assisted by David Gillek who played his first game for Sweden in 3 years.

With 1:31 left Finland took a timeout and decided to take out their goalkeeper and play 6v5 instead. But it wasn’t enough and Sweden ended up winning the game in full time after a least to say successful change in the lineup.

As always in the Sweden-Finland Challenge the game is followed by a penalty shootout. The first penalty was taken by Finnish penalty specialist Mika Moilanen, who ended up hitting the post – although nevertheless a good attempt. None of the following four penalties resulted in a goal. It was only in the sixth and final penalty that the Swedish captain Johan Samuelsson scored the only goal in the shootout and gave Sweden the extra point.


1 – 005.427. Janne Hoikkanen19. Joonas PylsyFIN M
2 – 0 pp.17.4522. Jani Kukkola21. Tatu VaananenFIN M
2 – 131.5317. Rasmus Enstrom25. Jonas SvahnSWE M
2 – 233.147. Kim Nilsson20. Emil JohanssonSWE M
2 – 341.3317. Rasmus Enstrom25. Jonas SvahnSWE M
2 – 455.3526. Linus Nordgren9. David GillekSWE M
0 – 0 mps.70.0011. Mika Moilanenno assistantFIN M
0 – 0 mps.70.0029. Alexander Ruddno assistantSWE M
0 – 0 mps.70.0087. Miko Kailialano assistantFIN M
0 – 0 mps.70.0017. Rasmus Enstromno assistantSWE M
0 – 0 mps.70.009. Eemeli Salinno assistantFIN M
0 – 1 ps.70.002. Johan Samuelssonno assistantSWE M



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