Report: Storvreta’s breakaway from Chodov in 3rd period grants ticket to CC finals

Storvreta has earned themselves a ticket to the finals of the Champions Cup after defeating the Czech champions Chodov. The game was relatively tight in the first two period, but an energy boost by the Swedes resulted in a large victory for the Swedes who tomorrow will meet the winners of the semifinals between the Finnish Classic and countrymen Pixbo.

The game opened with domination from Storvreta who – even though they didn’t put pressure on Chodov’s half – made sure that Chodov couldn’t do  any harm to Storvreta’s goalkeeper Viktor Klinsten. The first goal came after a long pass from Storvreta defenseman Mattias Samuelsson. The slapshot that followed was no match for Chodov’s goalkeeper Mück and meant the first goal for sniper Albin Sjögren. After around 10 minutes Chodov slowly managed to be more dangerous and had its first careful shots on goal. It was not Storvreta that increased the lead, but Chodov who made the surprising equalizer. A pass from the back went right through the middle in the stick of Tomas Vavra who passed to a completely unmarked Petr Prazak. The game continued fierce and Storvreta shaped chance after chance and was ultimately rewarded when in a counter Robin Nilsberth dragged the ball in the far end of the goal for a 3-1 lead.

The second period started with renewed energy for Chodov and Storvreta. The swedes had shots, but the Chodov defense blocked most of them succesfully. The next goal would be for Storvreta, again by Albin Sjögren who was waiting in the slot and was assisted by Jonathan Paulsson. Storvreta kept being dominant, but Chodov seemed to agree to their role as underdog – and counterteam. After a failed attack by Storvreta, Chodov quickly took the counter and Filip Chmelicek shot from the side. He found the opening as big as a tennis ball and reduced the score 3-2. With more confidence Chodov seemed to withstand the Storvreta defense well and started playing better offensively. A couple of shots followed and Storvreta appeared it had entered a phase in which it had lost all control of the game. With just 2 minutes on the clock Chodov seemed content with the current score and took the tempo from the game. Storvreta seemed to agree with this silent contract and the game entered its second period break.

The game was much open when the third period started and started with a huge chance for Storvreta forward Jimmie Petterson. This gave a boost to the rest of the team that continued their press until the second line entered the field. In the first counter of the game Jonathan Paulsson found the net after a quick pass from Albin Sjögren. Especially Storvreta’s forwards seemed to be refilled with energy and made combination after combination. Chodov was the lesser party at this stage, even though some chances entered their path. The next goal came Storvreta’s way after Viktor Andersson found the cross pass to Albin Sjögren who gave the assist to Jonathan Paulsson – who was left alone entirely. With a 5-2 gap to cover it was now Chodov’s turn to move the game their way which seemed an impossible task for the Czech team. Even with mere minutes on the clock they didn’t go full press against Storvreta. If the team had any hope, it was scattered when Alexander Rudd made the 6-2.  The delayed 2-minute penalty that followed, was used to its full potential by Storvreta to stall the game until  the 19th minute. The final goal fell in that powerplay with a goal from Jimmie Petterson.

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