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Report: 8 different goal scorers as Piranha Chur takes the 5th place

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In the first game of the final day of the Champions Cup Swiss team Piranha Chur battled Nauka MP from Russia for the 5th place. Nauka had a tough start to the tournament and lost to Vitkovice 12-1. Piranha also had a hard time against their opponents in the quarterfinals, losing 2-12 to IKSU. After a fairly one-sided game Piranha Chur defeated Nauka 10-0 and took the 5th place.

Early on Piranha Chur showed why they were considered favorites beforehand. Already after 4 minutes Priska von Rickenbach initiated Chur’s scoring, being assisted by Silja Eskelinen. In the 7th minute Nathalie Spichiger extended their lead. Only minutes later Eileen Zwicker made it 3-0, and with 4 minutes left of the first period Seraina Ulber hit the net, giving Piranha a solid 4-0 lead heading in to the second period.

Chur’s dominance continued in the second period. With almost 100% ball possession they created many chances and after 2:44 Flurina Marti scored her first goal. Shortly after Katrin Zwinggi made it 6-0, and a victory for Nauka seemed even more unlikely.

But the Russians showed great spirit and in the last 10 minutes of the second period they stepped up and created some good chances – but Piranha’s goalkeeper Lara Heini kept them from scoring. Instead Seraina Ulber could score her second goal for the game after being 1v1 against Nauka’s goalie. With 30 seconds to go of the second period Manuela Dominioni made it 8-0.

The third period continued similarly to the first two. Piranha stood for the ball possession while Nauka had a low defense. 6 minutes in Kartin Zwinggi scored her second goal. The last goal came from Sonja Putzi, making it 10-0, and Piranha can return to Switzerland with a 5th place at the Champions Cup 2016.


Goals in time order:

1 – 003.5648. Priska von Rickenbach5. Silja EskelinenPiranha Chur
2 – 007.0626. Nathalie Spichiger18. Vivien KuhnePiranha Chur
3 – 010.5321. Eileen Zwicker19. Anja DellagiovannaPiranha Chur
4 – 0 pp.15.5022. Seraina Ulber24. Flurina MartiPiranha Chur
5 – 022.4424. Flurina Marti22. Seraina UlberPiranha Chur
6 – 025.1661. Katrin Zwinggi48. Priska von RickenbachPiranha Chur
7 – 036.0322. Seraina Ulberno assistantPiranha Chur
8 – 039.3412. Manuela Dominionino assistantPiranha Chur
9 – 046.2661. Katrin Zwinggi48. Priska von RickenbachPiranha Chur
10 – 0 pp.53.3513. Sonja Putzi48. Priska von RickenbachPiranha Chur

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